Pamlico Emmaus


What does Pamlico Emmaus do with the money we recevie?


Team, Sponsor and Pilgrim fees are used to cover the actual expenses of the weekend.   We try to maintain our fees as close to

the actual cost of the weekends as we can.


This leaves our administrative costs, newsletter, liability insurance, music copywrite license, trailer tags & insurance, web site, etc.

to be covered through other donations. 


Currently our only other source of income is the offering at Gatherings.


If you are unable to attend the monthly gaterings but would still like to make a donation, you can.



Donations can be made to the following address:


PO BOX 2514

Washington, NC  27889


Remember donations are tax deductible, as Pamlico Emmaus is a 5013c tax-exempt organization. 

If you would like a receipt, please indicate that when you send it your donation.


Many Thanks for your support!