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Fly With Christ

Pamlico Chrysalis is currently inactive. As such there are no flights scheduled at this time.

If you have any boys or girls age 15-19 and completed the 9th grade that would like to participate, please send a completed application and the $30 application fee to Donna Parker at the address on the application.
We need the applications in soon, so that we can adequately plan for these flights.
We need your help!
Please be in prayer for Chrysalis as we reach out to the youth in our communities.
If you are interested in serving on these flights(Boys and/or Girls),
either in the conference room or behind the scenes, please complete a
request to serve form and send it to Elibby Harrison at the email
address or postal address on the form.  If you have any questions about
teaming on Chrysalis, please send an email to chrysalis@pamlicoemmaus.org.
Chrysalis involves youth in the teaming process.  The role of these young people is vital to
establishing a connection with the youth that are on the flight.   Sometimes it is
difficult for youth to come up with the teaming fees and other expenses involved in
being part of a team.  Your donations can provide scholarships to make it possible
for these young people to serve as the hands and feet of Christ.  If you would like to make a
donation to chrysalis, please contact me.  bruce.boggs@pamlicoemmaus.org
If you have any questions about Chrysalis, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Bruce Boggs
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The Purpose of Chrysalis

The purpose of Chrysalis is to serve as a ministry of the church to inspire and support the

spiritual formation of Christian young people. Chrysalis provides young people in the church a

course in the essentials of Christian faith and practice that is educational and experiential in character.

During the three days, Chrysalis becomes a Christian community in which persons experience

the living Christ through a daily flow of worship and reflection, systematic teaching and small

group dialogue, creative expression and play, prayer and signs of support from the wider Walk to

Emmaus and Chrysalis communities. As a result, young people experience spiritual growth in a variety

of ways that contribute to their wholeness and their readiness to live a life of Christian discipleship

in todays world.


Chrysalis Information:  

What is the BIG HOUSE?


The Pamlico Chrysalis Big House is the term given to a group of young people who have attended a Chrysalis Flight before

and want to work behind the scenes to support the efforts of an ongoing Chrysalis Flight.


It consists of both male and female youth supervised by 2 to 3 adults.  The environment provided will

be a Christian environment, dedicated to reflecting Gods glory to the team, caterpillars and community. 

Youth will be asked to assist logistics in all aspects of the flight, from setting up and cleaning up after meals

to praying in the prayer chapel and setting up facilities for special services.


It also provides an opportunity for youth to reconnect with other youth who have shared a

Chrysalis weekend and to serve side by side with them and adults in service to God.


You will be staying at a church near the camp.  Make sure you bring sleeping bags and

bedding material, as you will be sleeping in the church on the floor.  You will be transported to and

from the camp each day.  Shower facilities will be available at the camp.


Please prayerfully consider serving the Pamlico Chrysalis Community through service in the Big House.   

An application to serve in the Big House is on the Forms and Applications tab of the webpage.  

That form also provides contact information if you have any further questions.